Research and Teaching

Research Interests

My main areas of research are in general relativity and mathematical cosmology. I have explored these areas mostly using dynamical systems theory.

Indeed, one my interests nowadays is in exploring the dynamics and applications of continuous recurrent neural networks, CTRNNs.

All of my articles can be found on the arXiv:


I have and continue to teach several courses in the Math department (and sometimes the physics department), these include:

  1. MATH1013 - Intro to Calculus
  2. MATH1300 - Advanced Calculus / Analysis
  3. MATH 2270 - Ordinary Differential Equations
  4. MATH 3271 - Partial Differential Equations with Applications
  5. MATH 2030 - Elementary Probability
  6. PHYS 6000 - Mathematical Methods in Classical Mechanics (Grad-Level Course)

Some of my lectures for the aforementioned courses have been recorded and posted on YouTube: